Mr. Loki – The David Bowie of cats

I heard the following about Mr. Loki before I actually met him: “He is gray with light gray stripes, has one green eye and one orange eye and is the tallest cat I’ve ever met.” I knew this would be a good shoot from the description alone. Mr. Loki did not disappoint! He is a seriously handsome dude with the coolest double eye color since David Bowie. I had a great time with him and I have to say that these are my favorite feline photos to date.

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Jeff Sigafoos - Mr Loki adopted us when we lived in Austin Texas from 2001 to 2005. When we moved to New Zealand, some friends of friends provided a home to him. I heard that these friends then moved to the Northeast with Mr. Loki. The amazing thing is that when Mr. Loki lived in Texas his eyes were both same green color. By the way, Mr. Loki also has amazing long legs making him very tall, for a cat that is.

jamie - oh my gosh nicole these are frigging awesome! some of your most gorgeous cat shots to date. his eyes kill me. beautiful work. 🙂

nicole - Thanks everyone for the comments. Yes, Mr. Loki is a pretty darn cool cat.

Mia - Those eyes are truly amazing. I’ve never seen a cat with eyes like that.

teresa - wow – he’s one handsome cat!!

Jill Beninato - These are sooo beautiful…His eyes are amazing and I love the colors in your clients home…the image with the cat in front of the blue cushion is wonderful.

Julie - Hi Nicole, I came across your blog, and I have to agree, these are great cat photos. He really does look like a pretty tall dude.

pen* - amazing eyes!!
great set.

Tracy - ooooh… gorgeous eyes!!
love these! : )

Jill - that is the coolest cat ever…

leesia - those eyes are unbelievable! i love the last one — it’s perfect as a square — with his little lip out like he’s about to say something. :p

Grace - Oh Nicole, these are just beautiful! Wow his eyes are really amazing too.

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