It’s still summer in Texas!

Ella acts like she doesn’t want to have anything to do with water. However, I have seen her on several occasions stand in a bucket of water, belly high, to cool off. My husband and I talked all summer long about getting a baby pool for Ella to play in (yes, we clearly don’t have kids). Well, we finally got around to searching out a pool and all we could find was this brightly colored blow-up pool. It’s of course a lovely pool and a fun color but I was worried she would poke a hole in it almost immediately and then all the fun would be over. Ella was really apprehensive and curious all at the same time. After much coaxing by John she finally went in for a cool refreshing dip. I think this is the beginning of some good times…

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Rachel - Look at her. How adorable. She is quite a quirky looking girl.

Mia - Oh yeah. That looks like fun. I really love those ones with the antique colouring.

nicole - Thank you everyone for the comments. Yes, the color in these shots blows my mind. It’s definitely candy for the eyes.
Today was a nice fall day in Texas – a lovely 87 degrees. Ha ha…can’t wait for 60 degree days in winter.

Craig - Love the colors and processing. Beautiful work!

Jamie - fantastic shots Nicole!! I love, love the one of Ella in the pool barking. Priceless. The bright colors of the pool offset with the contrast of her black and white fur is so striking. I promise to reply to your email soon (after the workshop)! Been thinking of you darlin. Hoping everything is great!

sabrina - it’s still summer in LA too (atleast till tomorrow)
this series is awesome, colorful and captures such a sunny
fun spirit!

Stephanie - Aww…is Ella sticking her tongue out in that last one? She totally looks like she is singing in one of the photos too. I love the baby pool and the photos :o)

claire - oooh, the colors in the second two are sooo wonderful! they definitely say SUMMER. you folks are lucky you still have some summer in texas…fall is definitely on its way in in colorado.
anyway, super fun shoot!

Grace - Oh man. Ella kills me. She looks awesome against the colorful pool. Amazing shots Nicole.

Jill - AWWW! These pictures are so cute! I love the last one and the colors are rad!

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