Dogs Rule!

I was contacted back in May to contribute to a photo/art book called the Dogs Rule Fatbook. The awesomely talented Jill Beninato, of Sit.Stay.Smile Photography & Art, came up with this fantastic idea that had an equally fantastic purpose. The book will be auctioned off on eBay (November 14th!) and 100% of the sale price will be donated to A Place to Bark. How cool is that?

Even cooler are all of the amazing female artists/photographers that joined in this effort – now lovingly referred to as the “Sisterhood of the Pet Portrait Artists.” Below you will find links to all of them:

Manon Doyle of Hoochie Poochie Studiosblog
Jill Beninato of Sit Stay Smile Photographyblog
Jamie Pflughoeft of Cowbelly Photography,
Leigh Jackson of Noisy Dog Studioblog
Moira McLaughlin of Dream Dogs Artblog
Melissa Langer of Pug Notesblog
Linda O’Neill of Abby Creek Studiosblog
Rebecca Lansdowne of Art Pawblog
Nicole Mlakar-Livingston of Nicole Mlakar-Livingston Photographyblog
Wendy Crumbley of 2 Dog Studioblog
Bernie Berlin from A Place To Barkblog
Anne Leuck Feldhaus of Anne Leuck Feldhaus Studio
Kathy Weller Wellerwishes Pet Portraitureblog

AND… as if that wasn’t enough, the Dogs Rule Fatbook was also in the September/October issue of Bark magazine. Hopefully, all of this awesome press will blow the roof off the eBay auction and A Place to Bark will be overwhelmingly surprised with their donation. So, PLEASE keep the November 14th date on your calendar and get ready to win this book!

Cover of the book and list of artists

My art page shows my dog Ella flying an airplane over the annoying squirrels below. My photo page on the back shows Ella with her favorite stuffed toy tied to her bandanna. What dog would be that happy with their toy strapped to their back?

Below are Jill Beninato’s pages. She is so super talented. I have seen some of her other art journals and they are fantastic. Jill is an incredible artist!

And of course, the cover of Bark and the interior page with the write up on Dogs Rule.                              Images and content ©Bark Magazine 2008

Here is a link to Jamie Pflughoeft’s Blog that has tons more photos of the book. Enjoy!

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nicole - Wow – a video! That would be super cool. I am definitely looking forward to doing another project soon.

Jill Beninato - Thanks for your kind words Nicole and for participating in the project. I love your photos of the book, I need to take some of the auction book soon and get them over to Rebecca…she is going to do a video thingy that should be cool. I hope we can do another collaboration of some sort next year…

Jamie - thanks for the link girlie! I can’t WAIT to watch the auction! I finally picked up the copy of the Bark just a couple of days ago. Too cool. Hope we get to do it again someday. An annual thing perhaps? Poor Jill, lol!

Grace - I LOVE your pages! Putting your dog in an airplane — brilliant 🙂

Jill - you girls rule. I love it!

Scott Fillmer - Just found your blog, great stuff… can’t believe how many photogs are using this theme (I am too) but there is a reason, it is a really great look and feel. Nice blog.

Melissa - hi nicole!
it was so much fun being a part of this project. i love the page you made for me.
have a great day!
🙂 melissa

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