We are family…

Three adorable dogs + two gorgeous cats = a whole lot of awesome images for you to look at. Abby is the beautiful Birman with soft fur. Gabriel is the majestic Ragdoll with looks that kill. Bailey is the sweet Coton de Tulear with the snow white coat. Cody is the super cute Yorkie with sparkly eyes. Last, but certainly not least, Macy is the spunky Yorkie-Bichon mix with the big brown eyes. Enjoy!

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suzanne - I love the pictures of your coton de tulear. I have a little girl Coton and her name is Bebe Darling. I love taking photos of her as well.
She can be seen on http://www.theroyaldog.blogspot.com.
Great, great job ! I love how your coton is groomed !

Jamie Pflughoeft - kitties and yorkies and kitties, oh my! we should get these guys together with tiggz, brodie and taz and you and I should photograph ALL of them- wouldn’t that be a riot?! Your cat shots are a cut above Nicole. Cat photographer Par Excellence.

Steven Arismendi - Beautiful photos! Looks like a happy family to me! Keep up the AMAZING work!!!

Mary - Hey Sweetie! Everytime I visit your site I am blown away and amazed at your talent. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!! 🙂

Grace Chon - Fantastic photos Nicole! I want a family like that!

Laura - So those are my sweet little kids! This is one proud mama! They look great! Good job!

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