Three Basset Beauties

These three Basset Hound girls were just lovely. They each had such unique personalities and were extremely loving and patient. Two of the girls – Gabby and Daisy were both rescue dogs. They both are blind but you would never know it. Gabby would look right at me if I even breathed in her direction – a very keen girl. Lucy is the oldest of the three but she has a childish smile and a twinkle in her eye that keeps her looking like a young gal.

The most difficult part of photographing pets is when there is a pet that is sick and terminally ill. The urgency to capture this moment in time is overwhelming and the emotions are hard to overcome with every click of the shutter. Gabby, pictured first below, has congestive heart failure. My heart goes out to her and her mom – who loves her dearly.

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claire - this really is a beautiful collection . . i love, love, love the two with the dog lying down. they are so timeless.

sabrina - wow! these are amazing!

nicole - Thank you everyone for the awesome comments!!

Wendy - They made me weep. Just beautiful. The floor shots are amazing. The light is transcending. I love them all!

Jamie - These are gorgeous photos Nicole. You did a tremendous job of honoring these sweet pups and I’m sure their parents will cherish the shots for the rest of their lives. And I totally hear ya about the sadness of photographing sick animals. But I think there is a lot of joy in celebrating their lives with photography; I can’t imagine anything more meaningful. 🙂

Rachel Brooke - These are so cute! I think it’s awesome that you are a pet photographer. We need some people out there promoting our furry little ones!

Grace - Gosh Nicole, these are breathtakingly beautiful. I love the one of the mom sitting in the background. I love all the detail shots too.

Mia - Beautiful shots. Love the details, but I especially like the shots on the floor.

Mark - The snout diptych just rocks. I love it. You’re really doing some great work here.

Jill - These look like paintings. They are soo beautiful Nicole! My favorite photos of yours to date.

Craig - Beautiful collection of portraits.

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