Nice ridge!

This majestic looking boy is only 1 year old and he has one heck of a lovely ridge on his back. Payton shows all the pride of the Rhodesian Ridgeback line in the way he carries himself and in the soulful look of his eyes.

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claire - AH! a RIDGEBACK!! i get pretty excited when i find other ridgebacks!

(…can you tell i just stumbled across your blog today and am very inspired by your photos?? that explains why there are going to be about fifty comments from me in one day…)

Mia - That first shot is ‘Wow’! Amazing colours and perspective. My first dog ever was a Ridgeback. I was only a child when she passed, but I still love her.

nicole - I totally loved shooting Payton’s ridge – I could have spent the whole day doing nothing but that. Thanks everyone for your comments. Jamie – no problem, I know you are super busy!

Jamie Pflughoeft - OMG Payton is gorgeous and so are your shots Nicole! Fergie would love to have him as a boyfriend, although he looks too handsome to be ‘in her league’, lol. Fantastic work as always. Love the sepia on the last shots. Oh- before I forget- I DID get your emails (both of them), and promise to reply very soon! 🙂

Wendy - Nicole,
I LOVE these photos!! My favorite, the one of him touching the water. They are priceless pics, just beautiful.

Grace - Wow these are beautiful. The ridge photos DO look sculptural — love the angles and lines.

Jill Beninato - Lovely images Nicole…I love how you photographed the ridge….it looks almost sculptural if that makes sense.

Rachel - I love the 4th one. Itportrays the breed traits beautifully.

steven arismendi - So glad to have found your blog,I also love the first photo in your lineup, beautiful work!

Jill - I absolutely love the first one. It looks like it should be a canvas print.

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