Don’t adjust your monitor – it really is a baby

The day has come – don’t be afraid… “yes” this is a baby and “no” there isn’t an animal anywhere in this post. If you have ever read my blog intro you would know that this blog would one day show images of two-legged creatures, called…people. Gasp! I know it may be hard to imagine but these are still really lovely portraits and I hope you like them just as much. Once I get my “lifestyle photography” in high gear I will decide how to separate the two (or not) but for now…we will have people and pets living harmoniously under one blog.

So, this is Ruby Louise Jay. She is lovely and you know you want to leave her a comment.

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Jamie - Not normally a fan of babies but this one is darling. Beautiful shots Nicole- I’ll bet her parents adore them. The pink footsies shot is to die for. LOVELY work as always- even though it’s a human! Lol.

Grace - I tried leaving a comment on this earlier but I guess it didn’t go through! I love these photos. The little detail shots are exquisite.

Wendy - Precious!!! and priceless pictures!

Jill - so cute! I love the details.

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