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Three Basset Beauties

These three Basset Hound girls were just lovely. They each had such unique personalities and were extremely loving and patient. Two of the girls – Gabby and Daisy were both rescue dogs. They both are blind but you would never know it. Gabby would look right at me if I even breathed in her direction […]

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Nice ridge!

This majestic looking boy is only 1 year old and he has one heck of a lovely ridge on his back. Payton shows all the pride of the Rhodesian Ridgeback line in the way he carries himself and in the soulful look of his eyes.

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We are family…

Three adorable dogs + two gorgeous cats = a whole lot of awesome images for you to look at. Abby is the beautiful Birman with soft fur. Gabriel is the majestic Ragdoll with looks that kill. Bailey is the sweet Coton de Tulear with the snow white coat. Cody is the super cute Yorkie with […]

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Otis and Emily – the sequel

If you follow my blog you may recognize these two from the Dachshund rescue images I posted last week. I was invited back to the Doggie Deli and Spa to photograph the owners precious new babe Emily and the ever adorable Otis. I am 100% in love with the cuter than cute duck feet that […]

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