What do a Spider and Truffles have in common?

They like to play with grasshoppers and pounce on one another. Are you thoroughly confused? Well, just take a look at the little sweeties below. I bet you can figure out which name goes with who.

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Robin Doerr - OK, I’m Ready to let all that have seen my baby photographed by nicole, to know of her passing. She was the one not called Spider.I am so glad that I have pictures of my pets. You never know how long you will be blessed with there presence and love. I lost Truffleufagus 3 weeks ago she was 11 months old. Even though I only had such a short time with her I will treasure and remember it forever, better becuase I had nicole get her on film! To any one who is out there thinking of haveing your pets Portrate done, Don’t wait!!! Nicole is fantastic with animals and film and it is extra hard to get cats on film well!! Thank you sooo much!!


nicole - Jamie – it’s funny cuz cats are extremely hard to shoot and these two buddies were no exception. They were being coy the whole time. That close-up is actually right before she darted off.

Jamie cowbelly - oh, oh oh oh Nicole! These photographs are AMAZING! Trust me when I say I know how challenging it is to get good photos of cats, especially good photos with good composition and superb exposure and being able to see their eyes- both the color of the irises and the details. You surely have a way with animals, and these kitty shots prove that. Look up ‘GORGEOUS CAT PHOTOS’ in the dictionary and you see Nicole Mlakar’s name next to it. Awwww. 🙂

Grace - Fantastic cat portraits! My favorite is the first too. The colors and composition and lighting and expression on her face — priceless.

Mark - That first shot is so….cat. I love it. I always find cats to be a bit more subtle than dogs when it comes to portraiture but when you catch them at the right millisecond it’s amazing how much personality (catonality?) is really there.

nicole - Thanks for the lovely comments. Mia – yes, the black cat is Spider and her little sis is the candy colored Truffles.

Erica - Gorgeous!

Jill - great shots, I always find cats are harder subjects!
I love the first one!

Mia - Hmmm….Is the black cat Spider? Or am I completely off? Either way, I love the shallow DOF you have on these, especially the first and last. I really need to experiment with a shallower DOF for something different. I just love how it looks when done well.

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