My 4th of July included some Blue

Blue the dog that is…

This sweet tired and old boy just couldn’t muster up the nerve to let me get a shot of him not sleeping or near sleep. He had to have been thinking “hey lady with the camera – get out of my face, drink your margarita and go shoot some fireworks…just let me sleep.” Well, I got a couple of shots anyway – so here’s some Blue for your Wednesday.

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Jamie cowbelly - hey blue- you are laying on the wrong bricks! hee hee

sabrina - im in love with the nose shot!

nicole - Mia – I totally thought about that too. Wouldn’t it have been awesome if the bricks said “blue.”

Mia - My favourite is that last shot. The bricks just make me want to call him Butler. Hmmmm…subversive.

nicole - Thanks for all the doggy nose loving comments. Nose shots are definitely one of my faves and I’m glad to know there is a clear audience for such a thing 😉

Mark - I’m such a sucker for nose shots. Very well done. Reminds me of one of my favorite lost-in-translation stories. I friend of mine who was born in Buenos Aires told me that when 101 Dalmatians came out there the spanish translation for it was “Night of wet noses”. Classic

Tracy - LOVE the nose shot!
What a gorgeous pup! : )

Jill - aww, he’s so sleepy. I also love the nose shot!

Grace - Blue is ADORABLE! The nose detail shot is fantastic.

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