Get ready for cute overload…

I’ll let the cuteness speak for itself 😉

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Mom - OHHH, thank you so much for showing these exquisite photos of Buddy. Compared to mine, well let’s not even go there!! I was so surprised to find him on her with all these other fine photos. My sweet beautiful talented daughter, you have such a gift and you are so in the right field. Your expertise is unsurpassed, I have never seen pet photos such as these, or even animal photography. I think because it is not just a picture, you have somehow captured their essence, life-force, soul of these wonderful pets. What a great career and the website rocks (love the little logo).
Love always,

nicole - Yes, these are my super duper DOF shots – ha ha.
I totally had baby shark teeth marks all over me and this little guy was teething on my hand the whole time.

Mia 'thousandhound' - I love that he’s looking at you even though there is a tasty treat right in front of him. Nice work.

Jamie cowbelly - Yeeoww! Are you ok Nicole? I see those little needle-sharp claws and I assume the sweet darling pup has baby shark teeth. Did you come out unharmed? These shots are so, so so SO cute! Love the lighting and DOF in the first one. That’s it, I have a new name for you: Queen DOF, ha!

Jill Beninato - OMG…I just want to stuff him in my purse and run…too cute, you captured him perfectly…

Jill -
soooooo sweet!! that must of been awesome to photograph!

Grace - I just got a cavity, he’s so sweet. That last one seriously kills me.

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