A delicate flower named Cadence

Cadence is a real super sweetie with the most delicate little features. This little Whippet will steal your heart with one glance into her big doe like eyes.

Bambi – eat your heart out.

Her brother Chandler is a real pistol and I will be posting some of him very soon – you won’t want to miss this handsome stud!

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Jamie Pflughoeft - Ah, god Nichole, these look like they are straight out of a coffee table book! Especially the last two. They have such beautiful, subdued coloring. Fantastic job!

Mary - Your work is totally awesome! These photos are incredibly beautiful, and worthy of gallery placement.

Jill Beninato - All of these shots are beautiful…something about the subdued color pallette makes them extra special. You really captured their personalities and gentle spirit.

nicole - Thanks everyone for your awesome comments!

Jill - i love the first one, she looks so sweet.

sabrina - these pictures are just amazing! i love them all!

Mia - She looks like a sweetheart. I love the photo of the two of them. It has a certain symmetry which works for me.

Grace - These are AWESOME. I love whippets, they remind me so much of my dog Maeby. These are such gorgeous shots. The blue pillows make a fantastic backdrop.

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